25+ Year Olds

“Coaching opens up a new space to work, one that is full of potential, a ‘post-modern confessional’ and a place of solace in a bewildering social environment, and at the same time an engaged space where dynamic change and new strategic thinking can occur.” Simon Western

I offer one-to-one coaching sessions for individuals seeking support and change. My practice is informed by psychological theories which support the idea that the client is the expert of him/ herself and can find their own solutions. My approach is relational, which means that I work collaboratively to allow the client to take responsibility for him/herself and their own choices and decisions.

I have coached a number of clients in a variety of different environments including Investment Banking, Hospitality, Healthcare and Charities as well as a number of business start-up clients. Issues which adults have brought to coaching include: work / life balance, career progression, business start-up, leadership development, ‘stuckness,’ behavioural change, quietening the inner critic, ‘busyness’ vs. slowing down and motivation.

My recent MA research focused on the psychology of ‘busyness’. In our 24/7 culture, we are, ‘marinaded in the culture of speed.’ (Carl Honore, TED lecture July 2005). My findings have led me to suggest that ‘busyness’ is a collection of behaviour patterns which include following self imposed rules, various forms of learned driven behaviour, functioning in a state of hyper arousal and exhibiting a distorted relationship with time. My paper illuminated the connection between ‘busyness’, the personality and the environment and demonstrated that for some, ‘busyness’ is a form of threat response to a perceived loss of control. My research confirmed that coaching is a successful catalyst for change by considering the origins, triggers and manifestations of an individual’s own experience of ‘busyness’.