“Emily always listened to my situation with real care and attention. I felt like I had her on my side to explore issues with a great clarity of thought and with an ease and comfort that is so difficult to do on my own… and there was a lot of laughter too. Very uplifting and supportive.” Coaching

“As part of my training and development as a restaurant manager I was given the opportunity to work with Emily in 2014. We quickly established a great rapport, and I immediately felt comfortable talking to her. Rather than setting a rigid agenda for our sessions, Emily encouraged me to steer the dialogue, which she complemented with pertinent – but non-leading – questions. Through this technique, she enabled me to find solutions, rather than directing me there herself. This very natural and organic approach equipped me with an awareness and ability for self-reflection that have stood me in great stead since. Working in a stressful environment, where tempers often flare, and good relations with staff and guests alike are essential, I have felt more confident and competent in my role as a result. I have stayed in touch with Emily, and would certainly use her services again, particularly if I had an obstacle I was struggling to overcome at work.” Hospitality

“I was at a professional crossroads when I met Emily and over the course of weekly sessions she helped me to embrace what, deep down, I already knew I had to do. She had said at the outset that she wouldn’t offer a ‘fix’ and she didn’t. What she did do was listen with sensitivity and ask gently probing questions which allowed me to clearly see my path ahead. I went on to set up my own Consultancy and haven’t looked back.” Business start-up