My Coaching

My coaching is a reflective conversation centred on change. I take a holistic approach focusing on feelings, thoughts and behaviours from both our internal and external worlds. I aim to create an environment which fosters curiosity, reflection, awareness and motivation for change.

My values are centred on unconditional positive regard, accepting and respecting others as they are without judgement. I work to ensure the client feels seen and heard within a context of mutual trust and respect. It is important for me that the client understands that he/she is the expert of him/herself and I adopt a facilitative role to support this.

I use an integrative framework for my practice informed by different theories and concepts. Central to this is the relational approach which places the connection between coach and client at the heart of the process.

Coaching issues can be broadly categorised into:

  • Human experience – our internal and external experience of the world, such as our fears and anxieties.
  • Personal performance – our behaviour.
  • Productivity – our working practice – how effective we are, how organised, how motivated.
  • Connectivity – the way we connect with others – our friendships, our relationships, our independence.