“The considerable change that Emily spurred was tremendous, despite being very subtle. Thoughts, feelings and worries were questioned in a delicate manner, giving me a well grounded way to understand what really goes on inside my head. Whilst the one-on-one sessions were comforting and revealing, the real change happened in my day to day life, soon realising that I was better organised, more cheery, and most importantly equipped to take charge of troubles or worries that came my way.”
Sixth Former, 18yrs

“Going into coaching unaware of what it was going to be like was daunting at first. However Emily created a comfortable safe environment within which I was able to spend time reflecting on what I was feeling about both school and relationships. Emily listened and responded appropriately, guiding me to finding out why I was feeling certain things. She gave me access to understanding myself. I came away from each session feeling calmer and more in control.”
Fifth Former, 16yrs

“Emily Chappell is a warm, kind, sensitive and open person. I never felt intimidated or judged by her and she helped me to realise that being young, and the experiences and emotional turmoil that come with it, is not wrong. Emily is never trying to source a problem from you which means you have the freedom to talk about absolutely anything. While I could share some troubling deeper thoughts with her in complete confidence, there was not any sense that I needed to be discussing something particularly serious. Emily is there to listen and help you to come to terms with things on your mind. I respect Emily hugely and value her guidance immensely. Her ability to guide and her empathy, understanding and compassion made going to see her both comforting and rewarding.”
Undergraduate, 21yrs